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Re: Bimmer (Nomex!)

At 05:54 AM 2/23/96 -0500, Robert Myers wrote:
>No, bring it up.  This is a rare car and therefore of interest.  Now, do you
>suppose there is a reason it was only sold for a very limited time?  :-)
>My dogs get a better reception than BMW's dog.  :-)  OOOOps.  Perhaps that
>was unfair.  :-)

These bimmers (bummers?) were a real kludge! The ride-height is really
jacked up to fit all that FWD-train under there, same as the merc's AWD, but
worse. One of the front drive-shafts actually goes *through* the oil pan!
And you thought Quattro CVs were a PITA to R&R!

Go Pat Go!
Go Pat Go!

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