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Re: S4 vs. Cadillac w/Northstar

Psycho Bob <honge@creighton.edu> wrote:
I think so, too. Caddie Southstar-equipped boats often go 0-60 in aroun 
6.5 to 7.5 seconds depending on which boat it was installed to. If it 
didn't do neck to neck with the S4, it should be very close behind you in 
acceleration if the dud truely nailed the gas through the fire wall.

I met one dud who truely nails it to the floor. He was driving one of 
those "S" class MBs. It's quite facinating to see the humungo car 
accelerat that quickly.
I concur that the Caddy cars *could* have the capability...haven't seen it
yet...I blow most of them away with my Caprice (V6, 4.3liter, 4 bolt police
tranny - with a shift kit that is now *not* as good after the rebuild) - BUT,
I haven't tried a STS yet! I did catch up to a BMW M3 last week (a Caprice
experience-the M3 guy was stunned) on a very tight onramp turn, except all my
fuel swung to the right side of the tank, and the engine started stalling
from petrol-deprivation...then he tried to race me on the freeway
straightaways, and I declined, and I continued home at 65-70 mph. 

My stepfather has a 1986 560SEL, and when I drove it once two years ago,
flooring it by mistake at a toll booth, I was stunned by the acceleration!
Now I'm very careful with the accelerator on that car! 

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4, 42,900 mi
1990 Coupe Quattro, 67Kmi 
1986 Chevy Caprice, 300K+mi (Stock, except for front swaybar polyurethane
bushings, GT+4's)