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QCUSA was that american money ?

You say $250.- for the Lime Rock event ?  Guess I'm not
going after all...... :-(

Anybody ever hear of Bonnet & Boot Time Trials at
Lime Rock ?

I did this in '85 for $75.-,  for a full day of "practice" laps
and 2 timed laps at the end of the day in 3 different classes.

Rookie(never done it before), Stock(done it before, 
stock car), Modified (done it before, run anything...)

All that was required was Seat Belts, a Dot 19?? Helmet,
and pass a safety inspection.

Went thru a full tank of gas by the end of the day,  This was
in an 84 Mustang GT 5.0 5 speed.  Loads of fun 4 wheel 
drifting thru corners,  and occasionaly coming out at a 45
degree angle just for fun onto the back straight :-)

Anybody now if they still do this ? if Yes,  This may be a
good alternative to QCUSA for reasonable money....


Mike L.
89 100 Avant
90 V8 (aching for a few runs at Lime Rock.....)