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Window switch repair 101 :-)

This may be one for the FAQ Dan.....

Ok, both the 89 100 Avant and 90 V8 have or should I say had :-)
problems with the windows going down, but not going up.

First of all there are 2 different kinds of window switches, they both look
the same from the top.  As in the switch cover you click with your finger
looks the same, but the switch body and internals are a little different.

You can tell the difference by popping the switch cover off.  Now look at the
of the switch,  what color is the plastic ?  ok, now look at the top again.  If
you see
2 small rectangular pieces of the same color, you have the switch that is more
difficult to pry apart :-(  If you don't see the rectangular pieces,
you have the easy ones :-)

Both switches come apart the same,   2 small screwdrivers are inserted from the
back down the long sides and pry it away.

Ok, now you can see 2 contacts,  one for up, one for down, the down one is the
one with
the little bulb over it.  You'll notice they are both in contact allready.  The
window moves when
the contact is broken (No jokes about my brade pad light fiasco:-( ).

I found the problem to more of one with metal fatigue.  As in when the switch is

deppressed it wasn't moving the arm enough to break the contact.  I bent the
fixed contact
up slightly and wallah.....  working switches :-)  Cleaning the contacts didn't
work for me.

I did all kinds of tests with the switch cover and casing off.  This way I could
watch the contacts
moving.... or in some cases not moving till I bent the fixed part of the

I'd like to thank the guys who told me how to get the casing off in the first
place :-)

Mike LaRosa

89 100 Avant
90 V8