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Re: Vertissimo

In a message dated 96-02-26 12:23:32 EST, you write:

>We already have a table of vendors on the web pages.  As far
>as a mailing list, I can't really be expected to spend my time and
>ANS resources maintaining a mailing list so that others can

And a very good point from the reality side, we all know you have your hands
full....  I would propose that a call be made as to the PW/SC issue at this
point....  My recollection of PW response to your ad warning was that the
deletion of the SC postscripts was not only appropriate, but an AGREED action
by Mr. Wales.....  

There are SEVERAL vendors that lurk this list and have easy pickens to the
"direct" posting for  individual sales.....  From a marketing standpoint,
that is a lot of work.  It is much easier to cc: Coimbra for maximum coverage
and effect....  My thinking is that Mr. Wales should HAVE to work as hard as
the rest of the vendors, by following this protocol....  If we do not make
him do so, and allow him to continue at his current SC salutation, you have
opened the forum of post to allow any and all vendors to do the same....  It
is the fair and equitable thing to do with all do respect to Mr. Wales, or
more appropriately, to HIS competition.  

If you continue that argument string, this net will become the on-line
"QuattroCar Magazine" complete with SC, IA, Hoppen, as well as Dealer ads
discussed late last year.  On this topic, you have made yourself well
understood, Dan, and Mr. Wales has continually ignored any type of
self-regulation/control in this respect.  So, outside forces are necessary
here; ie, you da man......

We are not, nor should not be, an easy target for the Peter Wales of the
world.  That is not the intent nor spirit of this net.  I remain a strong
advocate of proper protocol, the intrigue of "black box" secrets should not
be our alluring Siren.  Cuz, bottom line, Peter is a business man, and has
demonstrated a strong desire to be more SC than PW in his posts to date.  And
clearly, a vendor, by definition.