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Radar/Laser Dectectors (VG-2)

Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: Radar/Laser Dectectors (VG-2)                                          
VG-2 refers to a radar detector detector.(sic)                                  
i believe this device works by detecting leakage from the oscillator in         
superheterodyne radar detectors.                                                
as VG-2 became a weapon against detector users, detector designers              
responded by shielding the oscillator, which would have been done in a good     
design in the first place!  this shielding would seem to prevent false          
alarms caused by other detectors as well.                                       
VG-2 invisibility should only be a serious factor in virginia and some of       
the canadian provinces. (statement applies to north america only)