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Re: Eliminating Turbo Lag

Nothing will fit & everything is different! (Ur-Q Vs S4 Vs 5KT turbo plumbing)

I have used a Calloway mixture enrichment system in the past on the Ur-Q. I
cut a section from the intercooler-to-throttlebody hose and inserted a piece
of 2 1/2" pipe with the electronic injector mount in it for the enrichment
system's 6th injector. I found I did not need the extral fool with the stock
cam and only 2.0 Bar boost and switched back to a stock hose when I blew the
custom one up. :)   I plan to reinstall the Calloway system with the KUQEFH
once I have the sucker 'broken in' running low boost and I plan to add the
'bypass' valve at that same time. Somehow I'll plumb it into the same piece
of pipe as the 6th boost enrichment injector and the other end into the
metal elbow on the turbo compressor inlet, at least that's my plan right
now..... we'll see.....the KUQEFH is due from K&E Machine on Sat,
3-23-96.....or there will be H_LL to pay!

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