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Re: Eliminating Turbo Lag

>>(understatement).....   There are other more sensible ways to reduce turbo
>>lag.......  S4 turbos do it, so do some modified stock turbos, or RS2's,
>>computer boxes.
>What's the operating principle behind these systems?

S4s do it with a 'turbo bypass valve' which is, I think, sort of a misnomer,
as the turbo is not bypassed, it's the closed throttle-plate that is
'bypassed'. I guess it depends on how you look at the system, semantics,
etc. Basically, when the throttle slams shut, like between shifts, the
'bypass valve' opens and allows the output of the turbo's compressor to feed
back into the compressor inlet -- rather that pushing against the closed
throttle-plate. This helps to reduce high pressure spikes and also helps to
keep the turbo spinning for near-instant boost when the throttle-plate is
reopened after the shift or upon exiting a corner, etc. The valve is a very
simple vacuum-operated unit, newer Saab use 'em, etc, etc. I plan to add one
to the KUQEFH when it gets done....sometime soon.....I hope.....

I don't see how a CPU mod could help keep the turbo spinning.... Scott?

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