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re: Headlight washer departure on my 1990 Coupe Q

On  Mon, 26 Feb 1996 15:49:02 -0800
John Allred said:

>Recently, I noted that part of my headlight washers are missing on my
>Coupe.  The flat plate that held the nozzles is missing (on both
>headlights); the bases (rectangular bulges on the bumper) are still in

>The local Audi dealer (Barrier) only sells the entire headlight washer
>assembly -- $115 per side (ouch).  They also claim that this part is
>specific to the Coupe; so, the rarity of the Coupe (~1500 imported into the
>States) makes it unlikely that I'll find this part in a junk yard.


I don't think that your dealer knows what he/she is talking about.  
I believe that the 90 sedans from 1992 onward (the ones with the v6 and
the "styling update" - new grille/hood) have the same bumper and 
headlight washers as the 89-91 Coupe Quattro.

Buy the washers from Carlsen or Clair Audi (see the vendor listing)
I think that they should cost only!!!???? about $85 each.  They DO make
a difference in bad weather driving, especially when the roads get salty.

Your dealer is correct in saying that the washer is sold only as a complete 

Perhaps you could try a salvage yard or dismantler, again see the vendor 

Good Luck
Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro