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Re: Faulty tires

At 05:20 PM 2/27/96 EST, you wrote:
>I have four Pirelli Performance Snow mounted on my '93 S4.  I noticed a
bulge in the >sidewall of one of them. No expert, I am still assuming that
the tire has to be >replaced.  Should I expect some sort of rebate from

You bet!  If you go to one of the larger dealers in your area..either Albany
of Springfield MA They will prorate the tire and replace it for you.  You
may have to spend some money but not a lot.

> I got the snows with the car when I bought it new, along with four summer
tires. I >don't remember getting a written guarantee.

You don't need one, in general, just the tire.  I suggest a larger dealer
who might have the tire in stock. If you go to Springfield MA, try Town Fair

>Also, how dangerous is this bulge (about an inch in heigh and maybe three 
>inces in diameter)? It will take a while to get a new tire. Should I be 
>increasing my life insurance?

This is not a safe condition.  Sidewall blow out is spectacular but very
dangerous.  "Rapid deflation" of the tire together with its associated
"handling problems" would lead me to get the tire looked at ASAP. (Quotes
are from a Pirelli owners manual)

Hope this helps