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At 09:14 AM 2/27/96 EST, you wrote:
>Some time ago I posted WHINE AND CRY. Obviously that post was just delieted.
>I dont know how many of you self taught EXPERTS profess to know as much
>about   bosch computers as OUTLAW PETER does. I welcome his TECHNICAL input
>and dont give 2 shi$@#!@#s about his sig or whether he says he has a product
>that WE need or may want. I know some people who use his product and are
>very happy with the performance. WE are lucky to have a man of his expertise
>willing to share his experience with us. without personal experience I am
>willing to bet, if you met the man you wouldn't dog him out like you do. you
>know who you are.
>         So NO MORE WHINE AND CRY about this advertising stuff... O.K.???
>later for now,
>BOB RUSSELL(no I dont have sup.chps. mods.)
Bob and all similarly minded listers:

Amen.....I couldn't have said it better. 

Sandy Duffy

And no...I don't have any chip mods either.  I know both satisfied and
unsatisfied customers of these devices.  I appreciate all input.