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Re: Geneva

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996 devw1wrk@ibmmail.com wrote:

> The S8 with 4.2L 340 bhp (250 kw) engine.  0-100 kmh in 5.5 seconds,
> maximum speed electronically limited to 250 kmh.  Six-speed box.

that's a pretty modest increase over the a8 to carry the "S" designation.
i know, i know, 5.5 seconds, but then they should never have mentioned
the twin turbo v8.....  still, this is probably faster than the v12
bmws and benzes, am i correct?  how about the 5 valve head for the v8?
i'll bet that the exact same 20 valve head for the a4 1.8 would fit
right on.  i can't help feeling that this "S8" is by no means the
last iteration in its hot rod evolution.  i would probably pass on
this one too.
> Audi S6 Plus.  S6 with 4.2L V8, 326 bhp (240 kw).  O-100 kmh in 5.6
> seconds. Sedan and wagon versions.  5-speed tiptronic available,
> also six-speed manual.

if the 20 valve turbo 5 is no longer smog legal in the US, this
would be a logical successor.

> I hope some of this wonderful stuff makes its way to the good old
> USA some day.

i think that if the a4 sales here continue to outstrip supply the guys
here will be able to make a stronger case to bring in the enthusiast
models.  is that how the business side of things work?