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Re: More Q Adventures

At 03:06 PM 02.27.96 -0800, Eliot Lim wrote:

>when are
>insurance companies going to wise up and charge the sky for f***

they already do...the compact SUVs and especially the Ford Explorers and
Nissan Pathfinders are coveted by our neighbors in Central/South
America--stolen copies of these cars aren't as likely to end up in
chop-shops as other cars.  they're also favorites of drug couriers--if you
happen to be driving north from say, San Diego to points north, and fit a
few other "profile" criteria, you will likely get an extra look from our law
enforcement folks on your drive.  (so says a friend of mine recently retired
from a federal police agency) 

as for hard numbers: a buddy of mine, same age, same record (zilch), same
status (married, homeowner), same insurance company (and agent) has a '92
4Runner.  he pays significantly more (40%) for insurance on that than i do
for my '91 200q  (oblig q content).  much as i love my quattro, i'd rather
tow my 2500# boat/trailer behind his 4Runner than behind my 200q  (i know
some of you do this, but i just can't abuse it...yet)  
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