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Re: Any input on European Engineering ?

>>Here's info from the Vendors list:
>>  European Performance Engineering, Bill Pfister (rdh@sli.com, others)
>>  10 Cochituate Street
>>  Natick, MA 01760
>>  (508) 651-1316
>Is this the same place or realted to European Engineering Sales & Service?
>Go Pat Go!
>Go Pat Go!
>Vorsprung durch Technik,

I just overheard someone say that there is another place in the same town
by a very similar name that may do similar stuff.  Cochituate Street sounds
right.  When the small bridge was in one piece, you could turn right at the
gas station, then hang a left and there was EP.  I think that EPE is the
correct name.  EESS does not sound like it at all.  I can check for sure
with someone I know if you want.
BTW, as I mentioned before, we've had pretty good luck with them.