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Re: 87 5KSQ For Sale in Seattle

>87 5KSQ for sale in Seattle.  5-spd., ABS, cruise, climate control,
>sunroof, silver on grey velour, 211K well-maintained miles.  Doesn't use
>oil, slow ps leak (1L per 3mos.), non-smoker.  GREAT condition in and

Wow!  How did he get his car to not use oil?  Must be really special car.
Hey, it's allowed in resteraunts too folks!  Yesseree, it's a non-smoker.
Also handy if you have to take it to a gov't office! :))
(Sorry, Jeff, after the bi-assed thread I couldn't resist this one.  Don't
feel bad.  I just love things like this.  Somewhere I have a file about
English signs in forgein countries-like the one that said "We encourage you
to take advantage of the maids at our hotel" and so on)

BTW Jeff, you might want to try and fix the temp guage-if someone from the
list or a seasoned-audi owner is looking at, no problem-but if anybody else
sees that, they'll be kinda turned off by it.  Seems minor to us, but
others treat it more seriously I guess.