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Re: Where did it go?

>Last night while out on a 200+ kph cruise, I had the small section of
>the sunroof open when all of a sudden the headliner from that section
>got sucked out the opening. So now I am looking for a piece of headliner
>about 4" wide and 20" long, I am sure most of you know the piece. The
>interior of the Quattro is a light grey.
>I have an address in the US and would appreciate and pay for this piece
>should one you find it in your junkyard travels.

Why the heck did you have the sunroof open at 124 mph?  I can't stand the
noise/wind from any of the windows or the sunroof about about 60.

Must have been the Bernouli(?) effect(wrong name I think-ya know, principle
that makes water-flow vacuum generators and blowing perpendicular across
top of straw, etc.  I notice a definate pressure change in the car if I
open, say, just the roof, or maybe just one window+stuff)