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Re:A4 chip

It is possible to reprogram the computer through the OBDII interface link. I
assume all chip companies are working on this link as all cars will be
compatible with each other and once this link is cracked, it will be
possible to reprogram every type of vehicle. Most companies are putting
tamperproofing in their computers to stop this happening, in fact I hear
that GM has put in a checksum system, which, if it detects an error, will
erase the chip and make it unreprogrammable so it has to go back to GM to
have the starter software put in. It makes life difficult for everyone, but
they do have to meet some pretty high requirements with OBDII, they need to
protect themselves. It should also remove the hacker type computer chip
copier from the scene in time, which is a good thing.

Steve Powers adds his bit to my previous posting>
>> 1) The first one is going to have to be unsoldered from the board to be
>> read, simply to get the base data. 
>not necessarily... If Bosch utilizes modern manufacturing testability
>practices, you may be able to read the data with a clip..

The chips are surface mount small outline with 50 thou pin spacing. I know
there are clips available but you have to disconnect the power and ground
pins otherwise you power up the whole computer and corrupt the data. Once
you have started you might as well finish lifting the chip off the board.

>> 2) The chip is then going to be reprogrammed and soldered back on the board
>> or it will be soldered back on the board and then the computer reprogrammed.
>again, if they used pulldown resistors, etc., any decent prom programmer
>will overdrive the proper select lines - obviating the need to risk screwing
>up your board (e.g. improper de-soldering techniques).. A certain local
>company commes to mind...

The problem is that some EEPROMs require +12v to program them. Put that on
the board and you could end up replacing something else you have destroyed.