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Re:A4 chip

>From: spowers@spdg.COM (Steve Powers)

>I should have included diodes in my list of etc., etc... What you're saying
>isn't done for automotive electronics is industry standard procedure at
>computer mfrs... (e.g. programming in situ w/out powering up the electronics) 
>> The problem is that some EEPROMs require +12v to program them. Put that on
>> the board and you could end up replacing something else you have destroyed.
>one word - DIODES... (BZZZZZT)

Yes  Steve, but you either need the diode built into the computer or you
need to lift the appropriate pins and put them there. The diodes are not
built into the computer because the manufacturers can program the computer
through the OBDII interface.

If you have the special desoldering tool it is easiest to pull the chip
rather than try redesigning the circuit board.

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