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Rear Axle bushes


As quite a new owner of an Audi, I am not that certain of their potential handling characteristics....so when after a service my mechanic suggested replacing the rear bushes, and I hadnt noticed anything particularly wrong, I decided to leave it for a while....

4000 miles later, I think I am starting to notice a few things and will probably get them changed soon. Just to confirm my suspicions, can you tell me whether warn bushes seem to make you corner more viciously for only a small turn of the wheel?, as that is what i have noticed recently.  I assume the rear wheels start to move like an all wheel steering car at low speed. i.e opposite direction to front wheels. 

I havent really noticed anything under breaking, but then I try not to brake to excess. 

If any of this sounds familiar, or you have some more info on this subject....
can you mail this to me.  What price did you pay as well?, 

Thanks for your time...