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Re: Rear Axle bushes

Sam Massey <samm@asysa.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>As quite a new owner of an Audi, I am not that certain of their =
>potential handling characteristics....so when after a service my =
>mechanic suggested replacing the rear bushes, and I hadnt noticed =
>anything particularly wrong, I decided to leave it for a while....
>4000 miles later, I think I am starting to notice a few things and =
>will probably get them changed soon. Just to confirm my =
>suspicions, can you tell me whether warn bushes seem to make you =
>corner more viciously for only a small turn of the wheel?, as that =
>is what i have noticed recently.  I assume the rear wheels start =
>to move like an all wheel steering car at low speed. i.e opposite =
>direction to front wheels.=20

I replaced one after hearing a clunking sound on certain types of bumps. Some
of the others will probably need to be replaced soon too. I haven't noticed any
adverse effects of worn bushings though. Andrew Duane recently had his done and
noticed an improvement. I have an 88 5000 Q btw.

>I havent really noticed anything under breaking, but then I try =
>not to brake to excess.=20
>If any of this sounds familiar, or you have some more info on this =
>can you mail this to me.  What price did you pay as well?,=20

On the 5000 Quattro, two of them are expensive and four are inexpensive for the

michael (88 5000Q 100K miles)