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Radio removal tools

I have, here in front of me, THE radio removal tools and an Audi Delta radio.
The tools are also available (and pictured) in the Crutchfield catalog.  Mine
came with my Blaupunkt.  The coat hanger should work, but use the coat hanger to
unlock the radio, then stick your finger tips into the cassette door to tug it

The correct tools have the same thickness as the holes, so the thicker coat
hanger the better, or my recommendation: a few finish nails.  The tips of the
tools are very similar to a nail, except they have a "barb" to catch onto a tab
on the radio.  They only need to go in a maximum of 3/4" to fully depress the
restraining tabs.  I think a nail is better because it is stiffer and can better
depress the clip.  I also recommend you angle them towards the outsides of the
radio when inserting them to make sure you are pushing the restraining clip
inwards, not outwards; then "flex" the heads of the nails outward, and with your
third hand pull on the cassette door.

The clips may actually need a little bit of force to get in there and to get the
radio out.  The radio technician told me my radio wouldn't come out, then I
nudged him (trained professional that he was) out of the way, stuck the tools
in, gave a mighty yank, and presto-change-o: radio out.

Joe Yakubik