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Coupe GT electrical gremlins

I'll swap a question for a possible solution to someone else's problem. My 86
once had
a battery depletion condition. The battery would suddenly be dead if it sat
for two days
unused. A check with a meter revealed something (besides the disabled clock,
etc.) was making a draw...turned out the trunk light was always on. How?
Well, the harness
for the rear goes up over the fuel tank and inner quarter structure under the
rear seat
back, and had become pinched after ten or so years, grounding out on the
metal and
turning the trunk illuminator on. Easy to fix, bet pesky to find if you're
not looking in 
the right area!

Now the question. Twice I've had a situation where the car won't start due to
the fuel 
pump not running. Swapped relays, checked pump, whacked on pump with hammer,
to no avail. Then just as suddenly, it will commence working again. The
second time
this happened it seemed to work after I had removed and reinstalled the wires
to the 
pump (which weren't loose to begin with), but not IMMEDIATELY after. What the
Is this just an intermittent occurence when I have pi**ed off the Audi Gods?
Did I say
something bad about the 5000 diesel that they heard? Car has been working
fine for
months again, but not eager to have this reoccur without an idea of what to
look at.

Dwight V.
86 GT Coupe, happy about its recent H4 headlamp upgrade :)