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RE: Tire advice needed

 I have been lucky enough to try 2 of your 3 tire choices and have had 2nd
 hand experience with the 3rd.  Both the Yokes and the Dunlop's are good
 tires but I think the BFG's are overpriced in this performane catagory.  I
 tend to thing the Dunlops stuck better but didnt last long.  The Yokes did
 give a longer life and very good performance.  I also in my younger years
 worked in a tire shop and worked with all different brands and the
 Yokahama AVS Intermediates are I think the best all around performance
 tires around(except for Michelins but I am not in that income bracket), so if
 he can swing the extra $20-30 for an excellent tire go for it.

Pat Martin
4000 csq
subaru legacy awd ls

>A friend of mine is in need of tires for his Thunderbird Turbo and asked me
>for some help, since he usually buys no-name "performance" radials from >the
>local tire guy. He's finally ready to step up to real tires. We're looking at
>Yokohama A509, BF Goodrich T/A, and Dunlop D40 M2 in a 205/50-16. >He drives
>extremely hard, doesn't care about
>all season capabilities (he has a Suburban 4x4), and of course wants >them to
>last long. Naturally, I knew the Q-listers would know all about tires  ;)  He
>doesn't wish to spend more than $130 per tire. I'm of little help at this
>point as I'm running Yokohama Avids and am leaning towards the A509, >but he
>has this thing for them 'Merican BFG's. Advice?

>Dwight V.   '86 Coupe GT, '89 Jetta GLI 16v ABS, '84 Subaru 4x4 (sorry), '>70
>Fiat 124