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RE: Subaru BRAT

I can tell you from my personal experiance that the BRAT is truly an amazing 
vehicle.  I owned one for 4 years and had excellent experiences in it.  Dont 
waste your time going for anything except the dual range transfer case 
(pre86?).  Also invest in a winch as it will allow you to go anywhere.  Gets 
fairly good milliage and was fairly reliable with the exception of cv joints. 
Talk about character you get more looks in this car than a hunkered down Audi. 
 It is short on leg room so if you are more than 6' you better be ready to 
scrunch up.  I am 6' 5" and I found a way but I was much younger then. Se also 
if you can get a canopy as it really is a good camping car.  Off road is good 
but the car does not have alot of ground clearance(torsion can be adjusted up 
as well as front struts up to an inch I think). With a winch the car can go 
anywhere. Cant help you to find one but I look in the paper every few weeks 
and I occasionally see one in there.

Pat Martin
86 4000csq
94 suburu legacy (for when getting the mods on the audi)

>Ok, maybe this doesn't belong here, but I want to get a second car that I 
>beat, gets good gas mileage, has 4WD, can put stuff in the back, and >has
>character and is CHEAP. Looks like the BRAT to me. Problem is, can't >find
>any.  If/when I do, do you guys know any specifications? Last year >made? 
>Reliability? thoughts?

>Thanks, Twain 200QTW '89. Battery is a freshie