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Re: What Audi will tow my Audi?

> I am looking for a new tow vehicle that can handle a 4000 pound load.  
> Will a 5ktq tow that kind of weight?  It would be pretty cool to tow the 
> race car with another Audi... IMHO.  What about a turbo coupe or V8?

Peter Raymond used to tow his Formula Ford behind his V8 and I'm planning to
tow my EP 4k on a tow-dolly behind my '89 200q ... I've already towed a full
5x8 U-haul trailer behind it (~2100 pounds) with no problems other than poor
gas mileage (~14 mpg).  Not the ideal solution, of course, but it's the only
one that fits my (increasingly meagre) budget...

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