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Dead 200 after air filter change

This morning I replaced the air filter (oil and coolant as well)
on my ' 89 200. It was quite a job to get the air box
boot back on. Audi engineers really worked overtime
designing this cramped area.  A lot of jiggling was done and I disconnected
one of the 02 sensors wires to facilitate movement at the joint near
the air distribution box. Some wires were stretch to prevent pinching.  Once
I reconected everything the car will NOT stay running!  Oh she***
what did I do?, this is a new beast to me and I really am not
up to speed in this f.i. process though is reasonably mechanical (I am
rebuilding my 2.4 MFI 911 engine in the garage).

It will start, and will run -- if I keep my foot on the accelerator, however
it will immediately die when I get off and will not idle.  What
is hosed?  My Bentley manuals (all $185 worth) are not much
help.  Please send responses directly to me as I am not on
back on the list at the moment.  Thanks in advance guys!

'89 200 inadvertently disfunctional