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A4 mods...some questions

Hey there..
  I have been looking into goodies for my A4, as you guys know I have already
put the ABT suspension on. I am interested in 3 things right now: a chip, an
exhaust system, and camshafts. The chip is going to be done by Dinan as I
posted earlier. I don't know much about this operation, but am interested to
see what they come up with (if anything). The exhaust system is a sure thing,
I am just waiting for ABT to get a system to fit the US cars. I am looking
into cams, Schrick ($1250) keeps coming up as the cam to go with.  
   Now I have several questions...
        Am I correct in thinking that Advanced Audi Performance is not
thought of highly amongst you listers??
    I spoke with them and they said they were getting Skorpion exhaust ($795)
systems in for the A4. They are also going to do a chip in the next month or
so. They were also going to be getting cams from an un-named company in
Belgium, these were supposed to be better quality than the Schrick units. 

        How would the cams effect engine emissions? reliability? have any of
you folks problems with Schrick before??  Basically, I want the scoop on
Schrick (I hope I am spelling that correctly)

        Any experience with Skorpion exhaust?? how do they compare with ABT?
         Should I run and hide from TAP???
          Anything to be gained be extrude honing my manifolds???
    Ok, enough questions for the time being...
            '96 A4q.....waiting to be fiddled with