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Car-phone hook-up in 100S

Since we are expecting a baby, I got my wife a '94 100S with 15k 
miles about a month ago.  Bought through a dealer, I payed $20k.  
Amazing how much car you get!  My wife originally wanted a Jeep 
Grand Cherokee, but I managed to persuade her otherwise.  Now she 
LOVES her Audi!  I, on the other hand, gave up my '94 Corrado, and I 
am not stuck with my wife's Jeep Wrangler :(

My wife wanted an automatic, and I figured that was a small price to 
pay compared to getting a Jeep.  Actually I had no idea I would 
enjoy driving a big automatic luxury car as much as I do.  Steering 
seems a little to soft for my taste, but great handling for such a 
big car:)

ANYWAY... The 100S has a regular looking phone-jack for a car-phone.  
We tried to hook it up a Motorola celluar with a matching adapter, 
but it didn't work.  Do you need a special Audi version?  Will it 
provide sound throgh the speakers next to the jack?  Any advice?


Henrik Danford-Klein (danford@sni.com)
'94 100S
'92 Jeep Wrangler S (endangered)