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Re: Anal Leakage


      Although I have no personal experience of this, I would guess it's the va
lve guides and seals at fault.  This problem of yours sounds all to familiar to
that of a friend of mine on his 5KTQ.  Although he didn't loose that much oil i
n that little amount of time, he was loosing oil, and the car was smoking like
crazy.  But, he told me, the car actually drove fine.  He thought he'd blown so
mething major when his mechanic told him that it was the valve guides.  This se
ems to be a normal weakpoint on Audi I-5s.  What isn't?  Anyways, his car is in
the shop now getting new valve guides, seals and the head reground.

      I don't know how this could happen right after you'd had a valve job unle
ss they really screwed up or didn't get the seals in right.  I dunno.  I've nev
er messed with that stuff myself.  I'd just get someone else to look at thier w
ork...they may be less compitent than they appear.  Good luck~!