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Re: aluminum subframe mounts 4000q

> I'd like to find out more, price/availability, ease of install, etc.
> Thanks to Jeff for his insight on bushings. Eric, is Delrin an option?
> Aluminum prolly isn't the hot tip for a daily driver!

In retrospect, I may have slightly exaggerated the effect of using aluminum
as a subframe bushing material v. OEM rubber but they made the car buzz and
drone at certain rpms and, IMHO, this would be unacceptable for street use.
FWIW, I feel the same way about Flowmaster mufflers ... great for play cars
but totally unacceptable on a daily-driver for similar reasons.

I had my aluminum bushings machined to fit locally and recall paying around
$150 for everything (subframe, motor & tranny mounts) but that was at least
six years ago.  Also, since plastic is more expensive than aluminum (I paid
$80/ft for a 2.5" bar of Turcite four years ago!), I would expect the price
to be correspondingly higher.  Eric's right about batch-production of these
bushings being more economical since most of the work involved is in set-up
and adjustment of the equipment and not the actual machining itself.  If he
can arrange for a batch order, I'm sure you'll find his prices cheaper than
having a one-off set made yourself ... how's that for a shameless plug? ;^)

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