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ec Audi content hints

         Is there anyways we can recruit this Scott Lawson guy, and get him on
the Quattro Net???!!!  I'd sure like to hear some of his turbo tips.  And 1/4 m
ile in 12.2 seconds in an S4!!!!!!  Yeeehaww!  Man, that is just insane.  He's
got Nitrus too!  And, is this guy involved with QCUSA?  I hope to say this, but
I hope not or he'd make everyone look like %$%#@ at track events!  Man, that's
gotta be funny to see that guy in the supercharged Mustang 5.0 get blown away (
like he's standing still) by an Audi!  ;)

         Also, why not give it away....What kind of battery did he have?  Sears
Die Hard all the way for me baby!  ;)