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Fake wood ?? I think not!

        Actually, a firend of mine got some carbon fiber sheets in short strips
. Or, it might have been some carbon fiber "look" stuff, but it looked like it
was real (whether it is or not, I'm not sure) so what's the difference.  No one
's gonna know.  He did his center console and A/C vents on his 5000CSTQ in it a
nd it looks cool.  I'll have to find out where he got it from, but I know he di
dn't pay no $1,100 for it!  He also heated it and bonded it to the dash ares wi
th a hair dryer.

        I have also seen a red '90 Audi 100 Quattro around campus with the carb
on fiber (over the wood pieces) in the interior, so I know there must be some p
lace that sells the stuff.  I'll have to call that guy and ask him where he got
the carbon fiber strips from.

        BTW, Whay would you bother to do the mirror in carbon fiber?  Isn't tha
t kind of a waste of time?  And, although the carbon fiber looks good in my fri
ends interior (black interior only, please), I would never do it to mine.  The
car's stock interior is too classy to do that to it.  I don't care for that dar
k euro look much anyways.