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Re: Rear amp 5kCST

At 06:54 PM 3/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
> It seems
>like the back speakers muffle out the high range stuff, but the front
>speakers do much better(I guess three on each side inc/ a seperate tweeter
>would do it).  Here's the question-apologies if someone has already
>posted/archived this junk-kick me in the pants-can you do any fiddling with
>the rear amp or the feed to it?  Any adjustments whatsoever?  I'm thinking
>of somehow toning down the rear amp without any adjustment on the front of
>the radio(too hard to keep it in the right range-the perfect spot is just a
>teeensy bit off the bump where the dial jumps into the center)  I'm also
>wondering about tweeking the rear amp or its feed to be higher in treble-it
>always seems so unbalanced.  Ideas?  I'm not into getting lots 'o expensive
>junk, and was hoping there were some adjustable "parameters" in the stock
>system.  BTW, it's an '87(non Bose, I believe.I assume it would have the
>Bose logo if it was.)
>Couple of random things:
>-When I had to take off the driver's side door panel, the speakers were
>hooked into small black boxes with ITT labels on them.  What's the story
>behind this?

The 87 "Premium" stereo is a Blaupunkt Rothenburg. Both front and rear are
amplified in the head unit. The front feeds to a crossover network in each
door that splits the feed to a woofer and tweeter in the door, and midrange
in the dash. The rear feeds through the headphone box to the high impedance
amp which splits the signal to the midrange/woofer in the back, and the
tweeter in the rear door.

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