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RE: I thought I wanted a coupe ...

Tim, what's that bit about the seat cushion that's lower? Do you have the
part number handy? I too am tall enough to be in constant contact with the

Tim, what is the winter package comprised of? I have the power seats, seems
like the original owner loaded mine up, but curious minds inquire...

Doug, I completely concur with Tim on the 80-90, but might take it a step
further. Driving mine home to MA from the dealer (and consulting engagement)
in VT the day after I took delivery, I discovered that the Momo wheel that
the previous owner had upgraded to Really Does Block the Speedo. I was
tooling down I-89, no one else on the road, 5:30pm on a brilliant August
evening, and the scenery is going by rather faster than I was used to. Aw,
new car, and all. After all the speedo was blocked above about 60-65. I
eventually peeked, and shrieked! I was tooling at just about 110! That's in
MPH, not KPH! It felt like about 80 in the 1990 90 sedan I had traded. Oops.
Kind of makes the long way home the Only Way Home.

Doug, I like to think of mine as a grown up version of the '87 VW GTI 16v
that was stolen from me. It's faster, quieter, safer, better in inclement
weather, and better in the dry, too. I have the luxury of my wife having a
Passat GLX, so trunk room and ability to carry back seat passengers is
reduced. I have more back seat room than my buddy's E30 M3. The trunk is a
joke, you are absolutely right.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Subject: 	Re: I thought I wanted a coupe ...
>     I have a Coupe Doug and I agree the headroom in the front is not very 
>     good(I am 6ft).  But I think the rear seat has plenty of head and leg 
>     room.  Certainly more than most Coupes.  Don't give up yet.  Make sure
>     the seat is adjusted properly(it will go down).  Also, there is a 
>     cushion you can get from the audi dealer that is lower by an inch or 
>     two.  I have the part Number if you need it.  The Coupe Quattro is a 
>     great car if you love to drive.  It is also very unique.  I think 
>     there are only about 1500 in the U.S.
>     The price is deffinately too high.  I live in New Jersey where the 
>     price of autos is about as high as they can get.  Still, I bought my 
>     CQ last April for 12k.  It had 85k mi., tornedo red, winter package 
>     and 8 way adjustable leather seats(driver and passenger!).   It had 
>     been meticulously maintained and there was all the documentation to 
>     prove it.  The book value of this auto is around 12,750 for show 
>     condition.  The pearl paint was an option for that year that cost $$$ 
>     but it is a beautiful rare color.  Only down side is that it is 
>     impossible to match.
>     I am surprised they did not take your offer.  They must have paid too 
>     much for it themselves or think you will come up.  
>     My advise:  Take it out on the highway and crank it up to about 
>     80-90mph(it loves this speed), then decide if you don't want it.
>     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire
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>Subject: I thought I wanted a coupe ...
>Author:  Doug Rudoff <drudoff@homer.spry.com> at Internet
>Date:    3/22/96 9:48 AM
>The past few months I've been interested in getting a a '90 or '91 
>Quattro Coupe to replace my '85 VW GTi.
>Last week I got a call from a local dealer (University Audi, in Seattle) 
>that they just got one in the night before. I had never actually seen one 
>before, only have read about them. It was a '90 with 57,000 miles, one 
>owner, just had the 60K service, pearl white in pristine condition. They 
>wanted $17,900 (which I know is too much). 
>This was my dream car, until I saw and drove it. The coupe is just too 
>small inside. I had just enough headroom in the front seat, there's not 
>enough headroom in the rear, and even with the hatchback the luggage space 
>is tiny. Since I have only one car (and it would be really inconvenient to 
>have two cars in my neighborhood), I need something that could comfortably 
>hold four people and haul stuff on occasion, which the GTi does well. 
>Since I wasn't that interested, a made I low offer of $14,500 and my GTi 
>to see if they'd bite. They didn't.
>I think I'll have to keep my eye out for a wagon now (anyone know of one 
>in the Seattle area?).
>(I don't know if the dealer still has the Coupe. I haven't seen them 
>advertise it in the paper, so my guess is that it's gone. I would have 
>mentioned in earlier in the Quattro list, but I just joined a few days 
>Doug Rudoff                 Seattle, WA