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How to tell Canadian '85 GT?

So, I'm trying to find a replacement speedometer cable for my '85 GT,
which has a 1-piece cable (the OXS sensor dash light controller is located
in the instrument cluster).  I've had 4 parts places AND an Audi dealer
think the car is Canadian because of the one-piece cable.  So, if anyone
with an '85 GT could let me know what their speedometer cable is like, I
would appreciate it.

Also, my VIN number is a little strange.  For the engine code, the Bentley
manual lists only A, B, or C, but my car has a D (WAUBD085...).
Does anyone know what the D means?


Eric J. Fluhr                    gt6493c@prism.gatech.edu :: Georgia Tech!
http://ulc231.residence.gatech.edu/                      '85 Audi Coupe GT
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