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Re: Bently Manuals.

On Mar 27, 10:13am, Anthony Attard wrote:
> Subject: Bently Manuals.
> Good morning Audi lovers.   I am looking for a workshop manual 
> for my 89Audi 90Q.  Does any body out there have a phone #  for
> the Bentley workshop manual distributor that I could
> use? 

I have another question, being new to Audis (STILL waiting for
my A4Q!).  Does Audi themselves not make a shop manual?  Is that
why people are using Bentleys?  I've always purchased the
factory's shop manual along with my new cars, and they've always
been available (ustiM, adnoH, nassiN).

When my A4Q comes in, am I in for a surprise?  Is there no such
thing as an Audi shop manual?


Dan Masi