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Re: Optima batteries

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     The Optima batteries have an excellent rep on the Electric Vehicle 
     (EV) list--they discuss batteries in much greater depth than this list 
     does, past even the minutiae level of the recent threads on "turbos at 
     altitude" or "gutted cats." 
     Nowhere in the EV discussion are mentioned DieHards or 
     Interstates--most batteries discussed are exotics out of smaller 
     manufacturers. One excerpted opinion off the EV list:
     CE battery data thread: "The battery that really impressed me was the 
     Optima!  It did better than the much heavier 5SHP on a per-pound basis 
     when being asked to deliver the same current.  And it's only slightly 
     more expensive (per pound)." --Charlie Panek <charlier@lsid.hp.com> 
     Usualy disclaimers apply. I have no relationship or direct experience 
     with the maker of Optima batteries, but expect to soon.
     Mark Andre
     Fort Collins CO
     91 200 TQW IA SIII (no lack of boost @5000 feet altitude)
     87 VW QSW (atmo I5 absolutely anemic @5000 feet altitude)
     64 VW Ghia (soon to be an EV, altitude inconsequential)