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Re: floor mat holders

>           I have a question I have been wondering about for a while (and I'll
>bet I'm not the only one who was wondering this).  The paint on the screws that
>are the fastners for the front floor mats and hold them in place has started ch
>ipping away.  Well, I was thinking of unscrewing them and repainting them.  It
>seems like it would be a real simple procedure, but does anybody know what colo
>r those things are?  They look like they are like Chevy orange, or Chrysler eng
>ine block orange or something like that.  Does anybody know for sure what color
>they are?
>                                                               Later,
>                                                               Dan

Why not paint 'em black or sumptin to match the color of the mats? Actually,
I think they are supposed to have little black plastic push-on covers over