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Re: floor mat holders


 DH> (and I'll bet I'm not the only one who was wondering this).  The paint
 DH> on the screws that are the fastners for the front floor mats and 
 DH> r those things are?  They look like they are like Chevy orange, or
 DH> Chrysler engine block orange or something like that.  Does anybody 
 DH> know for sure what color they are? 

     What concours event is this car being shown in? If you 
     worry about stuff like this, please put me first on the 
     list of people you'll offer your car to when you decide
     to sell it. :)

     A friend of mine entered his early Porsche 911 (after 4 years,
     yup 4 years of micro-detail restoration) in a concours event.
     We had already cleared a spot on his mantle to put the trophy
     in when (no doubts) we returned with first place. He didn't
     even place 3rd! Everything was factory perfect EXCEPT the 
     tone of the paint in the spare tire wheelwell. It was supposed to 
     be a flat black, and the black he painted it was a shade off
     of factory paint.


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