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Re: buying euro-lights for 1990 Coupe Quattro...the story

On Thursday, March 28 John Karasaki said:
> Of course it was NOT worth it!  TAP quoted you $485 and you went to Germany

Work has got me stressed out and I'm feeling a bit defensive today, so 
I'm going to reply ....

I was already there on a business trip and visiting family...

> and brought them back yourself for about $400.  What a big hassle for $85!
> You're lucky the USA didn't make you pay duty on them!  If they cost you

ER John, you're allowed to bring in up to $400 duty free, after that, its 10%
up to $1400.  That means that I would have paid about $4.00 Duty (because of
the $40 of additional stuff that I brought with me.)  As it was, I went through
the declaration line, prepared to pay the duty, and I was waved through...


> $400 in Europe, I don't think anyone is going to grind down TAP from $485
> here in the US!  Peoples' time is worth money you know!
Yes, for me it was a pain in the butt.  But for the $400 + tax I got alot more 
than headlights....if I hadn't tried:

1.) I would not have made a contact at Audi Gmbh.  (Anne Seiverth)
2.) The List wouldn't have access to the unobtainable calendars
3.) The rest of the listers would not have part numbers for the Euro lights.

Given this information, perhaps some listers can in turn save some money on their
own, and at least be a little more knowledgable about US prices for Euro Parts.  Or, 
given the part numbers, some listers may be able to go directly to Bosch distributors...

> P.S.  I'm glad for got your lights; you'll definitely enjoy the improved
> quality!
Thanks, I'll let the list know whether they were really worth the effort.

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro