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Door lock failure...

The bargain '90 200t I found 6 weeks ago for my friend had a broken driver
side door lock when she bought it and she's been dutifully using the other
door to operate the power door locks.  Until this week, when the other one
died as well ... ever try to get into the car with TWO broken door locks?

Open the trunk, find the vacuum line to the lock and pump in some air with
an air compressor or bicycle pump ... voila!  The door locks popped and it
was once again possible to get inside the car...

I fixed the driver's door today -- it was a broken plastic clip that holds
the rod to the door lock -- but the other side has a broken lever and will
need to be replaced.  BTW, is there a trick to this?  My Bentley manual is
pretty spotty on this particular procedure and it looks like it is a royal
pain to do without removing the inner door panel/window tracks...

Any input will be appreciated.  I've got to order one from Linda @ Carlsen
on Monday so I probably won't tackle it until next weekend.

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