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What to buy...

Hello. I'm new to the list, and I've been lurking for a week now. I've seen the 
posts regarding headlamp replacement with euro stuff. I'm interested in a 
different look for my 100 Q, but I have no idea about what this mod might offer. 
As you probably know, the front of a 100 Audi is DOMINATED by the headlights. I 
personally like the 200 (turbo?) look. What is available in a headlight upgrade for 
a 100 Q?

Mike Weems

Audi history (family cars and mine)
1974 rauchblau Audi Fox
1975 spanish green Audi Fox wagon (auto crosser!)
1975 Audi Fox (1986 GTI Rabbit motor. Don't put your thumbs inside the 
steering wheel!)
1978 Audi Fox kupfer metallic
1981 Audi 4000E Ronal R8 15x7-My car (1985 GTI Rabbit 1800)
1984 Audi 4000S Quattro (Mint condition- My brother's car)
1990 Audi 100 Quattro-My other car