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Re: Goodyear Infinitread

> My brother works at a Goodyear store at home and mentioned briefly these 
> tires that are *supposed* to last *forever* (after three years, the owner 
> is responsible for half the replacement cost).
> I saw the ad on T.V. the other day, but I am real skeptical?  Anyone have 
> any imput on these.  I can't believe they would be good for high speed as 
> the tread has to be soooooo hard!  

You can get tires of same effect by trying to get the cheapest priced one 
you can get. The rubber will be harder than left-over pizza stored in the 
'frege, and they WILL last longer than the car. If you go for Goodyear 
Infinilies, you are being suckered by paying the "Goodyear" name at least 
compared to those no-name "Millinia" tires.

Almost all of the tire companies today have these live-long-and-prosper- 
by-not-buying-better-tires tires in their line-up.

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