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Re: Goodyear Infinitread

Bryan Bowen gets bit by the "revenue-Enhancement Bug, and wants the cure:
> My brother works at a Goodyear store at home and mentioned briefly these 
> tires that are *supposed* to last *forever* (after three years, the owner 
> is responsible for half the replacement cost).

Bryan, old rutabega, one presumes that you have never heard of the famous 
"Midas Lifetime Muffler."  You know the drill, buy one, and if it ever wears 
out, Midas will replace it *absolutely* Free.  Except for the "Installation" 
fee, of course.

Here's the secret handshake (but first, you *Must* promise not to show anyone 
who is not a Q-head):  it goes like this - Anything that sounds too good to be 
true, is *just* that! (Freely translated from the original Urudu, which is 

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart