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Re: 91 200tq Trans Problems

I just bought a '91 200 Quattro in January and it had 55K miles on it.  Let me give you
the problems I've run into so far:
    internal caliper brakes are warped, costs ~$1000 for a "brake job" - remanufactured
        calipers, new discs, new pads and labor.  Still waiting for estimate of cost to
        convert to more conventional brakes.  
    electrical: one-touch down feature of driver's window intermittently, forcing you to
        hold the switch down like you normally do for the other windows
    seat position memory switches - same as above, you have to hold them down until
        the desired position is reached instead of just one little click.  
    manual transmission rear seal leaking.  ~$400 estimate from dealer, probably means
        it can be done for $200 elsewhere.  
    moveable seatbelt anchors - driver's anchor is stuck in place.  
    light on little sunroof switch intermittent
>I am thinking about buying a 91 200tq which has trans problems.
>The synchronizers are giving some problems in 3rd and 4th gears.
>Is this a common problems with this car?  Also any other problems common to
>this car I need to know about?
>84 5000
>96 A6 (anyday)