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Re: My Window Switches Are Blinking

In a message dated 96-04-06 19:23:48 EST, dismiss@earthlink.net (The Judge)

> Downside: it's still a Volvo and it lacks AWD.

Wait until later this year (maybe next year in the U.S.). Volvo will have an
AWD version of the 850 on the market.  Like a number of other systems, Volvo
will use a viscous coupling center differential, so it will be "mostly" front
drive until significant speed difference between front and rear causes the VC
to begin locking. It also uses the brake-intervention type of traction
control on the front axle and a mechanical self-locking diff at the rear. The
final piece is a free--wheel device to disengage AWD under braking so that
the VC does not confuse the ABS. Whew! 

(Please, no pedantic commentary from those who don't believe that viscous
coupling based systems constitute "real" all wheel drive. The VC does
transmit a minor torque to the rearwheels under all conditions except
braking. So it's AWD with a very extreme steady state torque split.)