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Re: Ticket BS

>	>>>Again, there is really no such thing as "pay a triple fine and 
>have the ticket dismissed  YOU CANNOT BE PUNISHED IF YOU DO NOT GET 

I've struck deals where I made 'voluntary contributions' to a local
'charity' and the charges were thrown out. Sounds a bit like being
'punished' without being 'convicted of something' doesn't it? I have paid
'court costs' > the fine, etc, in other cases where the charges were
dismissed, thrown-out or 'continued without a finding'. There are many cases
where you will pay but are not found guilty.

>	>>>Expungement<<<  I didn't say [did I?] that a prosecutor could 
>expunge your record.  You infer however, that things like DUI can't be 
>expunged.  Again, BTDT.  Heard of deferred prosecution?  

Up here in NE we have a little thing called 'continuation without a finding'
where the court 'files' the charge and then throws it out after (usually)
one year - *if* you are a good boy - otherwise you may find yourself in the
'deferred prosecution' scenario. I 'won' my last case this way - 80 MPH by
radar in a marked 55. The trooper suggested to the judge that he go for the
'continuation without a finding' in light of my good record in spite of the
80 MPH in a 55. Nice Trooper! (nice judge too).  These guys are people too......

It is almost always worth the time, trouble and expense to fight tickets no
matter how minor -- that's how I maintain my 'perfect' record and could get
the benefit of the continuance above.

It is your right to defend yourself and the state's obligation to give you
your day in court and to try you and to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable
doubt - and that's expensive and time consuming for the state - SO FIGHT 'EM!