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Re: Jammer jammin' jubilee

> >>  Actually all states.  It's the FCC (Federalie Communiucation Commision)
> >>  that License's all transmitters in the US...... How do I know?  Too Many
> Actually, radar jammers are legal according to the FCC...  How do I
> know?  #1, I worked for the FCC up until recently, #2 as an amateur
> radio operator I need to be very familiar with FCC rules and
> regulations.  Radar jammers are very low power transmitters and do not
> need to be licensed.  For all practical purposes, they fall under the
> same "low power" category as cordless phones, baby monitors, garage
> remote controls, walkie talkies, and keyless entry remotes.  Some states
> specifically outlaw the jammers, but the FCC does not.

Legality (is there such word?) on radar jammer rests on Officer Bob's 
interpretation. Afterall, the intent of radar jammer is to jam "law 
enforcement." Now, there are only very FEW states that has made radar 
jammer illegal -- but technically, they are legal in most states by the 
strict word of law (interpretation WOULD be different).

Jammer, in the eyes of FCC, is perfectly legal until you reach certain 
wattage -- in which you'll need to apply license. BUT (that's a big BUT), 
FCC will probably deny your license application because FCC believes 
"such device is not in interest of consumers." Now, did anyone get that? 
How do they know it's not in the interest of consumers?

Of course, I might be wrong -- but this is what I heard on FCC's position 
on radar jammers.

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