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Re: Jammers

At 02:30 PM 4/10/96 -0400, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

>Actually all states.  It's the FCC (Federalie Communiucation Commision) 
>that License's all transmitters in the US...... How do I know?  Too Many 
>of my Fellow Steadicam Op's have been busted by the FCC for carring and 
>using a On-board Video Assist Transmitter.... 


>BTW guys the fine is like 
>$10,000 first offense.......  Pretty big ticket....... I'd hate to see 
>the points that would generate on a DL....

not quite that bad...only $8,000 :)  not too big a point ding on your DL,
but ouch!  the local FCC boys (Pac NW) are quite ummm, agressive about this
one.  have busted many local yachties with unlicensed VHFs (many more after
they upped the license from $35 to $125+) or even for misusing/improper
radio procedures (no call sign, use on land, etc).  made the front page of a
local paper last year and one of the local congressmen got enough complaints
to seek an investigation about the local (mal)practice.  don't know where
it's gotten to yet.  oh yeah--the real bummer is you "get" to see this all
in US District Court, not your local state or county court--even the US
Coast Guard (at least around here) will *try* to hold you for the local cop
to cite you (guess they don't like court any more than we do)

wbv 5641 (for the water)
*&^% bose (for the audi)
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