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Smooth idle and ambient temp

Here I go again, filling my (dumb?) question quota, but you guys 
know much more than I about combustion etc.

Anyway, in my other post I mentioned that I took the 4k 5 cyl auto
to a ski place over the Easter holiday.  I noticed something that
interested me and I'd like to know why it was so:  my idle in gear,
which is usually very regular/rhythmic but shakes the car a lot
especially once warm, had smoothed out completely, the car barely
wobbled.  One of the eng mounts is pretty tired, and I presumed that
was the reason it usually vibrates so much, and all the interior
fitting with it (rattle squeak buzz, it drives me crazy) but up
there it just seemed to be burning the fuel completely differently. 
Ambient up there was 8-12C but down here I rarely drive it below 10.  
Temp gauge said 95-100.

Was it the air temp, or pressure or what?  How do I make it run like
that all the time?!


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